Darlene Davies



Darlene Davies has been involved in cataloging and chronicling San Diego's abundant history. She has volunteered her time and skills to various organizations, specifically the Old Globe Theatre where she spent over fifty years of her life in many roles: actor, usher, gala chair, writer, lecturer, and board of directors member. However, her current and most significant role are that of a historian who collects and preserves artifacts lending insight into the theatre's revered past. As seen through her longtime devotion to the Old Globe Theatre, Darlene is passionate about the arts and theatre--history in action through performance. Though her true passions lie in theatre and the arts, Darlene chose the profession of a Speech-Language Pathologist and also worked as a professor of the subject. However, due to her need to devote herself to recording the stories of San Diego and the people who impact the cities prosperity, she volunteers and writes for the San Diego History Center and the San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women. For Davies, researching and recording history is a responsibility and service she takes on with the utmost care.