Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax



A survivor of three Nazi concentration camps, Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax dedicated her life by speaking to students and adults about her Holocaust experience. She reminded everyone that HATE is never the answer and to embrace diversity. Ruth always said that G-d created such a beautiful life, only some people make it so miserable. She reminded everyone that the holocaust can never be forgotten and to treat everyone with respect and love. Ruth did this all from her wheelchair.

Try To Remember Never Forget , a biography of Sax by her daughter Sandra Scheller, recounts her dramatic and courageous life. The book won the best documentary award at the Multicultural Motion Pictures Awards in February 2018. Ruth was named Mother of the Year by Senator Ben Huesso, won the Art 4 Peace Award in Beverly Hills, was the Grand Marshal just last year for Bonita Fest, received her honorary degree from Southwestern College in education and humanities and at the age of 90 had her Bat Mitzvah because she didn’t have this opportunity in the concentration camps.

Ruth knew that one day she would no longer be able to speak in the schools but her message was too important to be forgotten.