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Clara M. Harris


Bridge Builder

Clara M. Harris, best known for her outstanding work improving the lives of women, promoted fairness in housing and spoke out against discrimination in educational institutions where race and gender created disparities.

Clara earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare and a Master of Science in Counseling from San Diego State University, and worked as a human relations consultant to foster understanding between individuals and groups through education, mediation and facilitation. Clara providing training and other services in race/human relations, diversity issues, fair housing, conflict resolution and community building, working collaboratively with local governments, law enforcement and educational institutions. Additional involvement in the community came through various organizations including Interactions for Peace, The Jessie Program and the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club (past president) and brought her many honors, including the California Women in Government award, El Cajon's Woman of the Year and La Mesa's Outstanding Citizen of the Year. She also traveled to Africa as a volunteer with Water for Children Africa, worked on cleanup projects, provided food and shelter for the homeless, collected eyeglasses and clothing for the underprivileged, and participated in outreach activities to underserved communities within Mexico.

Vickie Butcher, who witnessed Clara's good deeds for over 20 years, described her as "courageous because she has chosen to live according to her principles." Clara not only "talks the talk, she also walks the walk." Others considered her a role model because of her dedication to improving people's lives and "her unwavering willingness to serve others throughout the world".

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