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Judith Forman



Judith Forman is familiarly known as "Judy the Beauty on Duty." Influential community activist and supporter of women's rights, owner and operator of the "Big Kitchen Café," Judy opened her home, business, and heart to make a difference in many women's lives. She is a staunch supporter of social justice, promotes women's history, and is, above all, a role model for women everywhere.After ten years as a social worker in Detroit, she moved to San Diego but was unable to secure a job in the same field. This lack of employment opportunity stirred Judy's entrepreneurial spirit, while social activism urged a move towards the progressive community. Judy raised funds for causes she supported, which included after-school programs, rehabilitating drug abusers, providing shelter to the homeless and care for people with AIDS.

Judy encourage her cafe customers to network throughout the country. Her involvement with The Woman's History Reclamation Project (now the Women's Museum of California), the Golden Hill Community Development Corporation, the Brooklyn Culture Club Afterschool Program, Dog Owners of Grape Street (a leash-free zone), the Fern Street Circus, and Lambda Archives are lifelong commitments. Not only has she provided service in her own country, but her helping hand has touched communities abroad through her assistance in building schools in Latin America and the Philippines.

Judy's civil rights activism has driven her to sustain San Diego's Gay and Lesbian community. She has fought tirelessly alongside LGBTQ rights activists to strive for equality and freedom. Judy is a beacon of light and hope. Lorri Hans, who knows Judy's generosity and kind heart, said it best, "Judy is more than just a role model" she is a mother, a friend, an aunt, a godmother and a source of strength when none is available.

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