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Kate Yavenditti



Kate Yavenditti works to better women's lives and shift the public's perception of a woman's role through structural change. A lawyer and pioneer in the field of domestic violence since the 1970s, Kate dedicated her career to advancing pro bono family law services to the disadvantaged. She established the first domestic violence restraining order clinic and was a co-founder of the County's Task Force on Domestic Violence. As a senior staff attorney at the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program she organized the legal services component of the annual Women's Resource Fair. She trained colleagues, was central to minor's counsel rules and standards, and conducted yearly legislative update training for professionals in the Statewide Coalition for Battered Women. Kate was a founding member of the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice and was a legal observer in the National Lawyers Guild. She implemented appropriate handling of hate crimes and civil rights violations. The Hall of Fame honored her legal activism on behalf of the community.

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