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Lucy Gonzales


Bridge Builder

Lucy Gonzales, told that her child could only be recommended to a trade school with the name "Gonzales," Lucy determined to fight discrimination. Since founding the Maria Clara de Pilipinas Sorority (MCPS) in 1968 with her daughter, Lucy Gonzales has been a mentor, role model and leader. The organization provides cultural and historical awareness as well as individual training, discovery and development. MCPS members have become teachers, businesswomen, doctors, engineers, military officers and academics in science, law, politics and ethnic studies. The Sorority's purpose has been to bolster the success and self-esteem of high school Pilipinas, encouraging them "to preserve and promote Philippine interest and culture in�homes, schools, and community." Through their annual awards, support and events, Lucy Gonzales' Maria Clara de Pilipinas Sorority projected "a higher image of the Filipina onto the San Diego community and throughout the nation." Lucy fostered the pride and professional successes of young Pilipinas in the Sorority and promoted and maintained the integrity of Filipino-American culture and citizens.

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