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Maria Garcia



Maria Garcia is an educator, writer, Chicana activist, retired elementary school principal, and historian. Her time at San Diego State University and in the Chicano Movement greatly inspired her. As a business student in her undergrad, Maria became a teacher's aide which introduced her to her lifelong profession and love of being an educator. Maria pursued a master's degree, and soon after graduating transitioned from being a teacher, vice-principal and, later, a principal in a school in Southeast San Diego. During her time as an educator, she also wrote a series launched on Cinco de Mayo in 2014 and provides a richly detailed glimpse into life in the predominantly Mexican-American, working-class community of Logan Heights. In 2015, Maria won the SOHO Cultural Heritage Award for her Neighborhood House series about life in Logan Heights. For Maria, one person cannot be responsible for their success, rather Maria credits her entire family who helped her achieve her dreams. Her dedication to protecting the stories and experiences of Chicanos in San Diego allowed her to be inducted into the San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame as a Cultural Guardian/Historian.

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