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Nola Butler Byrd



Nola Butler Byrd, Ph.D., LPCC is a Multicultural Community Counseling and Social Justice Educator, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and social Justice activist. Her decades-long work with diverse and marginalized people and communities has demonstrated creativity, leadership and a life-long commitment to service.

Nola grew up during the Civil Rights Movement in a small, low-income, and supportive African American community on the rural outskirts of Cincinnati. Her family was among the millions of African Americans who migrated from the rural south to the north seeking a better quality of life. She was bussed to predominately white schools where Nola excelled, but was subjected to racism and sexism throughout her youth. These experiences and more shaped her life and led to a career that educates, uplifts and empowers the lives of others.

Nola earned a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in English at Wesleyan University, an M.A. in Education with a concentration in counseling at San Diego State University (SDSU). She later earned a doctorate in education, with a concentration in multiculturalism and social justice from the Claremont Graduate University and SDSU Joint Doctoral Program. She has served as a faculty member in the SDSU Community-Based Block Program for 20 years and as director for 10 years. Prior to earning her graduate degrees, she also worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years.

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