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Sally Wong Avery


Bridge Builder

Sally Wong Avery decided to study law as a result of her dedication to community and desire to serve others. After law school, she served as the Executive Director of the Chinese Service Center of San Diego. In this role, Sally spent countless hours helping thousands of newly arrived immigrants and monolingual seniors settle into San Diego and find jobs. Then, she also served as an advisor to numerous Chinese and Asian community organizations. In addition, Wong Avery was the first elected woman President of the Chinese Benevolent organizations, one of San Diego's oldest Chinese community organizations dedicated to educating the public about Chinese history and culture. To help preserve San Diego's Chinese heritage, she co-founded the Chinese Historical Society with her dear friend and mentor, the late Ms. Dorothy Hom in 1985. Serving the Chinese community and preserving the Chinese culture and history is of paramount importance in Sally's life. Sally's role in protecting and educating about Chinese traditions and past is what led the San Diego County Hall of Fame to induct her as a culturally competent bridge builder.

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