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Sara Vasquez



Sara "Madre Sarita" Macias Vasquez is an indigenous Mexican immigrant healer and teacher who carries on traditions of spiritual healing in Toltec, curanderismo, and other holistic native healing traditions. Raised by her Toltec grandparents, her grandfather was a community "shaman" in rural Jalisco, she became a wife and mother at 15 and had 13 children. She worked in and outside of the home, putting several of them through college. She describes herself as someone who does spiritual work, healing through her hands and prayers. She is recognized by thousands as gifted, presenting to audiences as diverse as UCSD physicians, and various-sized groups of followers throughout California, Tijuana, and Texas.

She was interviewed by local San Diego and Tijuana television stations to share insights about her more than 40 years of teaching and healing. She has also empowered women by holistically attending to their "bodymindspirit," and convincing them to have faith in themselves: Si se puede! yes, it's possible, is the message she instills in them. Having overcome obstacles in her own life, she is a powerful mentor. She is currently writing her autobiography and participating in oral histories, fully conscious of the significance of her knowledge for future generations.

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