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Sylvia Hampton



Sylvia Hampton was inspired to work with naturalization, immigration, and voting rights as a result of her grandmother and mother's experiences in the early 1900s. She joined the League of Women Voters where she found opportunities to gain and share knowledge about challenging issues. Sylvia led efforts to educate the public for some forty years and fought for a single-payer health care system, public education, voting rights, political education, social justice, environmental protection, safe and legal abortion and family planning. She dedicated herself to ensuring women a voice armed with information. But, she insisted that empowerment begin much earlier; that is, informed parents and teachers impact children and, when they vote, young people can be heard. Sylvia Hampton continued her activism over four decades, most recently as a board member of San Diegans for Health Care Coverage, working to bring together health, social service and other community-based organizations on behalf of health reform.

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